Hollow Fiber Water Filtering Membrane

New filtration technology can make impure water potable.

Sawyer developed a Hollow Fiber Membrane for water filtration based on ultra-filtration (UF) techniques which can convert non-potable water to potable water. The membrane can also remove bacteria and pathogens to make water fit for drinking.

The hollow fiber membrane micro filter does not require electricity as the pressure required to filter water through the membrane is only 1-2 kg/cm2 (14.2 – 28.4 PSI). The membrane fibers have no pore size larger than 0.1 or 0.02 micron in size and are useful for water disinfection as they remove bacteria, viruses, turbidity, and colloidal matter thus making the water safe for drinking.

The hollow fiber membrane micro filters can be used not only in disaster-prone areas, but also in household use, commercial use, schools, clinics, hotels, remote rural areas and many more places where safe drinking water is often non-existent.

“One of the very interesting applications of this hollow membrane was in handy water bottles which could store water up to 1 liter and filter instantly so that drinking water can be made available to each individual instantly”


  • Household Use
  • Commercial Use
  • Schools
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Military
  • Hotels / Restaurants
  • Rural Villages
  • Disaster Response
  • Temples, Churches
  • Charity
  • Rotary
  • Sports & Out door activities
  • Micro Business
  • Pre-filtration before RO process to enhance the life of RO unit
  • Pre-filtration before softener process to enhance the purity & taste of the water
  • Personal Use (at office, gyms, biking, running, camping, golfing, car trips, domestic, international travel and many more)